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We are a team of consultants and project managers operating in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani (Puglia Region, Italy).


Our core competences concern the management of project proposals for Public Administrations and the incubation of business ideas for private organizations.


We have a deep knowledge about the European, national and regional funding programmes and we can provide tailored solutions according to our customers needs.


Public Administrations

We provide technical assistance both for the proposals drafting and for the management, monitoring and audit activities of the projects.

We can also boast a consolidated partners network in the European areas covered by the European Territorial Cooperation programmes in which Puglia Region is involved:



Private organizations 

We support entrepreneurs in order to reach the funding opportunities at Regional level and we also help start-ups in the business planning activity.


Our references:

Province of


Agency for the the Employment and the Development of the North Barese Ofantina Area

I&D Consulting

Chamber of Commerce of Bari

Confesrcenti Provinciale


C.A.T. Imprese Nord Baresi S.r.l.


Project Manager